Being an Independent I do not have any financial support from a political party and so must fund my campaign. Costs usually encompass advertising for placards, brochures, radio and TV advertising. I also must pay for office space, stationery and associated costs.

Why I am standing as an Independent.

I did not make this decision lightly but was concerned by what I saw as the erosion of the rights and values of people in country New South Wales. I was also approached by many people encouraging me to run as an Independent.

I can be a strong voice for our region by:

• encouraging decentralisation of service industries from the city to country areas so that we can have more diversity in employment opportunities.

• gaining a Specialised Neo Natal Unit comparable to Westmead is vital in helping country women cope with pregnancy complications here. Furthermore, babies who need specialised care must also travel to Sydney for care as well. This places a great strain on families that can be mitigated if this unit is obtained.

• implementing a respite centre at Forbes to ease the difficulties for carers and their family members.

• fighting forced amalgamations by politically demonstrating that a government cannot consistently break promises in regards to these and other matters.

• fixing the parking at the Orange Health Service as soon as possible by working with Orange City Council to effect a solution.

• upgrading of the Forbes Central West Livestock Exchange as there may be opportunities for an export abattoir in the area which will bring jobs to the region. I have discussed this with Forbes and Parkes councils who are very amenable to this as the benefits will be ongoing and self- sustaining.

• securing our children’s future by accessing professional workshops for our teachers and students here in our region to close the gap between Sydney and country students.

• overturning the proposed ban on greyhound racing by enforcing regulation. We should support those in the industry who are doing the right thing by ensuring our high animal welfare standards are maintained.

I will give strong honest representation to every person in this electorate.

I will fight for the values country people hold dear.

I will provide a voice for all constituents in the Orange electorate whether they live in small towns, villages or larger centres.

With your help I will win this electorate for the people I represent.

Please contact me for any further questions at scott@scottmunro.com.au